Sunny Rising

I started my etsy business in 2009. When I first started using etsy, I came across Allison Sattinger's (aka Sunny) shop Sunny Rising Leather. I was amazed and inspired. She created belts, necklaces, keychains, and now beautiful bags out of leather. Everything is hand tooled, and she even did an etsy handmade portrait video, where she talked about starting to learn about leather tooling. She actually inspired me to take a class at tandy leather! I am no where near as talented at leather tooling, but I try!

Around the same time I started to read her blog. Her words were touching, and you can tell she spoke straight from the heart. I was going through a really rough time and reading her blog really inspired me to keep working on my own business. She was doing a giveaway, for a custom made necklace for a friend who really needed it. I wrote her a letter telling her about my best friends battle with lukemia and her hereditary angioedema. To my great suprise I actually won! I talked about it on this old post
My friend loved it, and we had an amazing day together making cupcakes at her house after I suprised her. Back then she was sick 80% of the time, and there were a lot of visits to her house. Now she has a port in her chest so she can inject her medicine 3 times a week, and now she is sick like 5% of the time! It is truly amazing. Sunny's necklace came at the perfect time.

Now she  is doing another giveaway of this beautiful bag: CLICK HERE TO VIEW GIVEAWAY

Now, I would feel almost selfish to win this bag, even though it is so beautiful and special, but I entered to win anyhow. Maybe a trade would be in order if I happen to win. :) Good luck to everyone who entered :)