My Room + Estate Sale Finds

This past weekend there were a plethora of estate sales and garage sales in my neighborhood. I went to a dream 60/70s sale in an upscale neighborhood near by and surprisingly the prices were really really good. I got tons of vintage, psychedelic fabric, some amazing mustard bell bottoms, and some other bits and pieces for S O R C E R Y. I also got a glass dome, that I'm not sure what to fill with. I have been obsessed with the show oddities so I may fill it with some kind of animal bones!

Around the room pics.....

 amazing astrology silk scarf i picked up

 moss in macrame hanger

 amazing peacock chair I got at an estate sale 1 month ago

 deer antlers I got at Quartzite, AZ in feb

 Amethyst from Quartzite

 flowers from farmers market

vintage clothes rack for sorcery

 red poncho I decided to keep for myself!

 some of the fabric

 vintage quilted fabric Im going to make a picnic blanket out of!

I saw this little guy at a garage sale and I couldnt pass him up.