A few weeks ago I got a new juicer, the Omega 8006. I LOVE it! I also love the sound that it makes, and how slow it moves. It sounds like a rabbit munching on carrots. Its also very quiet, unlike the high speed juicer I had before. It also juices greens like a dream! I thought I would share with you a recipe for a delicious juice I have been making lately.

I just threw in whatever veggies I had lying around, I it was actually really amazing. So I recreated the recipe today and took pictures. This makes enough for two people and a little extra. Seconds maybe?

Makes 2.5 mason jar fulls
Ingredients :

- 1 bunch of carrots (about 7 small carrots)
- 3/4 kale stalks
- 3 rainbow chard stalks
- 2 apples (i used gala, but use whatever you like)
- 1 cucumber
- 3 celery stalks
- 2 medium size beets

the veggies! try and use organic

the juicer!

cut up veggies

in action

container filled 3/4 of the way through...

even the pulp is beautiful!

the finished product! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S