GEM  FAIR

Friday my boyfriend asked me to go to the gem fair. I had a terrible migraine but I decided to go anyway, and I am so glad I did! I found some amazing quartz points that are drilled and holographic! Usually I do not like treated crystals, but I am partial to titanium coated pyrite, quartz and druzy. These particular quartz were a blueish grey tint. I also found a booth that sold tons and tons of charms, links, spacer beads and clasps. I went a little nuts, and had to put back a bunch, and got just the essentials. Oh and I also got some little quartz pyramids and some phantom quartz from the mineral man. I love that man.

 All day yesterday I worked on some pendulums for the Myztic Isle. Hopefully I will make lots more, and finish up the tarot card bags I have been putting off. The bags should be in the shop later this week.

ombre carnelian pendulum

Rutilated quartz, quartz, druzy, amethyst, rutilated quartz, carnelian