I was browsing etsy yesterday and  I came across this beautiful shop, Feather Medicine. SHOP HERE
The shop is owned by Carrie Borgen and she practices Feng Shui, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Reiki, Metaphysical Art, Gemstone Healing, Sacred Geometry, Crystal Grids, Intuitive Card Reading, Connecting with Animal Totems ,and Yoga and Meditation. She offers feather and crystal readings as well as these amazing crystal grids. I never thought of putting crystals together with drawings! I studied psychology and art (metal arts) in college and everyone always thought I should be an art therapist, but I was more interested in crystal healing, herbal remedies and making jewelry, not actual art and therapy. But this art is like literal art therapy! Healing crystals in the form of art! I love it. Oh and not to mention the photos are beautiful!!

Here are a few of my favorite grids.