Today I surprised my mom with a trip to a lavender field an hour away. She loved it! There was a psychic there and she got a reading. It was so beautiful! We followed that with a lunch with all the ladies in the family. Watermelon mojitos and blueberry mojitos were made by me (the sober bartender) and enjoyed by all! Later on in the day I went to pick sage near my house. I will be drying it and then bundling it later on this week. It will be for sale in the shop soon!

lavender fields

View from the top

furrowed brow

french lavender

flower card reading

lots and lots of lavender

my own delicious lavender lemonade with edible pansies

multiple lemonades for us non drinkers

my summer specialty (yes i forgot the I in moj-I-tos)


my hiking outfit

inside the bag

my little cousin helping me pick

sage sage everywhere

wildflower bouquet for mom

the mountains are full of beautiful flowers. Ah springtime!