New Necklaces!

Back in February I took a trip to Quartzite, AZ for what I thought was the worlds biggest gem and mineral show (before I found out it was Tuscon). Besides the astounding amount of gemstones and crystals, I found an amazing taxidermy booth. They had everything from fox tails, rabbit skins by the boxful, coyote jaws, mounted deer, and badger penis. I picked up a few things here and there, but I didn't get enough! I made some necklaces using the 2 coyote teeth I bought. I crushed up pyrite and fit it into a tiny glass jar with a cork stopper. I also had some Ethiopian opal chips I bought awhile ago. They were so beautiful but I couldnt figure out what to do with them, until I got these little glass jars. I wore this necklace out yesterday and got lots of compliments! Thats when I know I should make more for the shop :) Here they are....

Crushed Pyrite & Coyote Tooth

Ethiopian Opal & Coyote Tooth