Today was such a beautiful day, my boyfriend and I decided to go pick some sage. I wasn't expecting to go on such a strenuous hike, and ended up walking up a steep steep trail for 30 minutes, in a new part of the mountain and there was no sage! There was however a beautiful view.

After the hike we came back down, and went to where I usually pick sage. We brought water to give to the plants after taking only a few branches from each plant. We are so lucky to have white sage just growing everywhere here! 

We saw a rattlesnake after I took this picture! EEEK

the pyramid hat


already bundled and dried sage NOW IN SHOP!

just picked sage ready for drying!

I took a few pictures of the sage I had already bundled and dried for the shop as well. They are now for sale here Oh and I forgot to mention, as soon as we started walking down a new trail I had never been on before we see a orange colored rattle snake. Instinctively I ran away. Then I wanted to inspect it. I have never seen a snake out in nature, and I have always secretly wanted to, and today it happened. So strange I was just talking about it with some friends who say theyre scared they will come across a snake. Synchronicity! Strange that in the hundreds of times I have walked these paths I have never seen one until today.