D E S E R T /// Q U A R T Z

Yesterday I went rock hounding out in the desert. We left around 8 am hoping the weather wouldn't be too harsh. Its almost summertime here and temperatures are already pretty high. It reached about 94 but there was a brisk wind that made it seem more like 78. I usually detest hot weather, but I love the desert...well those two things dont go together! I am not used to being in the sun for long periods of time, and I forgot to put on sunscreen. About 3 hours in direct sunlight hunched over digging out crystals left me with a nasty sunburn all over my shoulders and back. Yikes, I'm in some need of aloe vera. At least we managed to collect about 3 large buckets full of quartz. I will be putting most of them in the shop within the next few days! Oh and we also found some nice pieces of black tourmaline. Some are too small, or broken for specimens so I am going to make another vial necklace with crushed tourmaline!

The Mine

Beautiful Sage in Bloom

Hammering out some Rainbow Quartz

Inspecting the Bounty

Get the Nuggets!!

Just one of many


Working Hard or Hardly Working?