Opal Hill

As a member of the gem and  mineral society, I was looking forward to this months field trip which was to the opal hill mine near Blythe, CA. I got sick last minute but my boyfriend was able to go alone. He came back with the motherload of gems today. He said his trip was amazing, the weather was really warm, and was able to sleep under the stars with no sleeping bag. Sounds like I missed a great trip. Hopefully I will be able to do some rockhounding before it gets too hot out here during the summer!

He got back this afternoon, and I got to look through all the stuff he brought back, and washed it all off. Here are some pictures that I managed to take in between cleaning. A lot of it looks like plain ol rocks, but you have to get close up to see the real beauty. There was a lot of chalcedony nodules and agate more than opals, but all the specimens were really beautiful. Also he was lucky enough to find some pink tourmaline, big pieces of black tourmaline, and purple/blue dumortierite which is a mineral not a gemstone, but lovely!

Toyota Camry that made it up hills that require 4w drive

the smalls
small chalcedony nodules


chalcedony and some broken geodes
black tourmaline
pink tourmaline (it was cloudy so its not so vibrant)

rinsing off the bounty