NEW Necklace

     Today was the perfect cloudy day to sit at my work bench and make a new necklace! I used some bone beads, turquoise rondelles, turquoise cross beads and pyrite. This will up for sale in the shop tomorrow! Oh and there's also a double tangerine quartz hanging from the middle!

Tangerine quartz is a good stone to use for healing trauma, and can be used 
for soul retrival. It can be used for past life healing. It activates and harmonizes
the sacral chakra which stimulates the flow of creative energy. It can take you
beyond your limited belief system and into a more positive vibration. 

This tangerine quartz also happens to be a soulmate quartz! This means that there
are two crystals joined together with one common base. This is a union of energies
which is beneficial to all types of relationships. They teach you how to be unique
and seperate while still united in an equal partnership. Soulmate quartz helps you
truly know yourself and accept yourself. It helps form interdependence and
a deep intimacy in your relationship.

This quartz reminds me of a quote I used to like from Osho. "If you can conceive love as your real being and loving another person as a deep friendship, as a dance of two hearts together with such synchronicity that they become almost one, you don't need any other spirituality, you have found it.