Its been awhile...

Hello Everyone.

Its been awhile since my last post. I took a bit of a hiatus to renovate etsy shop, focus on designing more pieces and working.

I just started selling my jewelry in a local new age shop, as well as my tarot card bags and white tea & ginger soy candles!

Its been hot here (80 + degrees) so I have been spending my days floating in the pool, and watering my seedlings. I planted some cherry tomatos, mesclun greens, catnip, quinoa, and some sweet pea.

I'll be posting a lot more now, and I hope to include some artist interviews, artist friends, local artists and etsy artists.

I have been reluctant to have much of an online presence but I just today got a twitter account and set out my first tweet. eep. So I now have a blog and twitter dedicated to aquarian soul, hopefully I can get some really interesting things going on in the blog, and use twitter to let everyone know about shop updates!

See you all soon (and much more often!)