I just spent two wonderful weeks with my best friend Lyndsey

Sadly she left yesterday but we had lots of fun!
we went rock hunting, took cemetary strolls, bead store hunts, spells under trees, clothes trades (i will wear them everyday!), beach trips, thrift store finds, delicious burritos, swap meet, bff earrings, "early" morning starbucks and tons of love.

luckily our birthdays are coming up (8 days apart baby)
and i will see her soon. san francisco here i come!

I have LOTS and LOTS of photos!
spell time

cleansing spell

trying to dig candles in rough dirt

sparkling gypsy cloth

shuffle shuffle

girlz rule boyz droooool

beach in winter time, oh san diego.

secret handshake

hey lady


glow in the dark twinsies

shuffle board with friends

tony and lyn visiting roberto

truth or dare
eskimo style (hi marc)

coco love

the leather bar (shiver eew)

gigantic gingerbread man

cup gravestone

sippin on some 40s

please dont come and haunt me

i see a smile...

lovely lighting and time of day

huge tree!

lyndsey & the rock bag (aka my shirt)

rock hunting jacumba, ca
(the coven)