a new year, a new stone turned.
turning 23 in just 5 short days. seems like the past 2 years
were a blur. i dyed my hair platinum blond,
im starting school, my business is going
well and aquarian soul is going to become the power duo that
my best friend and i always dreamed of.

this year im going to devote myself wholeheartedly
to yoga, the craft, my jewelry, and my friendships with
the wonderful people i love.

i got two new plants today, had a wonderful conversation
with the man who sold them to me. i was inspired
to start a wonderful new hobby. i always
wanted a jungle in my room and now im gonna make
it happen!

i learned today how horrible and unkind human
beings can be but there is no reason to
let that get me down. things are a total 180 of
last year and can only get better!

only a year of school left then business full time
p and p is going to be famous.
this year is going to be absolutely amazing.

2010 baby!