ive started making a lot of hemp jewelry and today at the art store
i was propositioned to make one. putting off more jewelry making
until i take cabachon class so i can start making it for real. ive also included
a picture of the necklace i made with treats lauren sent me :-)

i love blown glass pieces

synchronicity strikes again, i had just asked lady at local new age store
what that brown long thing was and she said sea urchin spine. next day
laurens package arrives in mail. happens to me almost 99% of the time like i am
about to buy a book online i find it for $1 at thrift store. its great.

i have been spending countless hours in the library finding treasures
yoga dvds, amazing music, books on how to make shoes, movies ive been
wanting to watch, feminist poetry, ill never have time to it all!
ive also been going to the beach alot and oiling up my friends for a super tan.
i was also bored one day and made drastic change to my hair. this is me now.

im a blond! i think they really do have more fun.

my friend ines in her bad ass leather jacket (you cant really see)