mac and cheese

oh how i love macaroni and cheese. i've tried many varieties. in the frozen food isle, in fancy organic markets to restaurants i have sampled my fair share. i used to love whole foods mac and cheese at the hot food bar. i even had a part time affair with stouffers mac and cheese when i had my wisdom teeth removed. and the deep friend mac and cheese balls at cheesecake factory? mmmmm. here are a collection of frozen m&c that I have tried.

heat at 350 degrees for 25 min, mmm with a burnt crunchy top so delicious.
this is probably one of the best frozen varieties you can get.

Amys m&c is about half the size of tj brand. pretty similar in taste, but slightlymore bland.

stouffers brand is very creamy and fattening. if you feel like having a homealone moment try this brand, otherwise i wouldn't really recommend it unless you are inhibriated.

this mac and cheese is O organics brand from safeway. its less creamy, similar to the tj brand pretty decent much better than stouffers. MUCH better

i used to joke about buying this "worlds best mac and cheese" beecher brand at whole foods and returning it claiming it was NOT the best m&c. It runs around $15! I have yet to try this but the SF Chronicle voted it #1.