i've been sick for weeks now and im forgetting all the little things i used to love
that i cant really appriciate or do at the moment. i stumbled upon
rockstar diaries and their here's to happiness project which inspired me
to make my own list of things that make me happy to remind me of all the good
things that will still be there after i am better.
10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy
  1. Gemstones and minerals, finding them, reading about them
  2. Finding Old Things, at estate sales, thrift shops, in my closet, in the street
  3. Spontaneity, driving somewhere new, far away, or close but unfamilliar
  4. Waking Up, making delicious breakfast, drinking coffee
  5. Cold Foggy Mornings, in san francisco
  6. Laughing, delirious contagious giggling with your best friend
  7. My Siamese Cat, of whom im getting a tattoo
  8. Frozen Yogurt, the sour kind. my old job got me addicted
  9. Water, the ocean, a pond, a pool, puddle or stream
  10. Trains, riding them, looking at them and hearing them late at night