cupcakes, friends.

i got another order to make cupcakes for a little girls birthday, and this was the final product. (they're supposed to be heart shaped but they puffed up a little too much in oven)

at the actual party one of the kids was scootering down a hill and ran right into the table where the cupcakes were and knocked them over. i was mildly irritated but hey at least i got them there safe and sound.

i went to get dessert last night with two lovely friends whom i dont see all that often which was nice. although my cocktails of meds made me slightly incapable of forming intelligant sentences. tarot cards were read, nighttime walking downtown which i havent been to in a very long time besides the library.

all paws in

no flash blurriness of potpurri drink

delicious passion fruit fizz drink with triangle missing from my head

death card

cat eater!

ive also been working on a few pieces here and there for small craft fair thing at coffee house. double booth next time jq?

summer school sucks. 5 hours of 2d design. blegh.