i woke up today and decided to go thrift store shopping. something i haven't done
in a long time since im already working in one 3 times a week! boy the treasures you find
when you venture to other shops. I found the motherload of vintage slips, shorties, robes
which will go up on my NEW shop as soon as they dry. i even handwashed them! so far i put up a hat, and some earrings in the new shop. much more to come, and i will be putting up all my pin up lingerie in aquarian soul once i photograph it all!
today i also got some jewelry displays for craft fairs at an antique store that is closing down.
i love shabby chic and this store displayed it so well! it makes me giddy seeing
such cute little items.
i dont think ive got the hang of this blog thing yet, as far as promoting my shop and
updating on my progress. mostly its just stuff i find. im so lazy to take pictures to post also. oh well.