too much time has passed

it has been a long time since my last post. i've been working on a lot of new jewelry. i got some enameled chain from etsy (my first purchase!) and am combining it with various crystals i have to create something magical.

i recently discovered auric blends oil perfumes which is my new obsession. it is a roll on perfume and it reminds me of lip gloss i used to love as a kid. i got "lovers moon" which is described as [gardenia, rose and heliotrope provide sweet floral notes at the top, with sandalwood and musk as the base]

today i went to the gem and bead fair. i was so excited. i spent 3 hours and only saw about a third of the vendors. good thing its a weekend pass, although i've probably already spent too much. i got some crystals, labrodorite beads, pyrite beads, tibetan pendants, big labrodorite ring, the cutest little charms eek.

last week i found two vegan cookbooks brand new at my thrift shop for only $1.50!there was blow out fabric sale and i managed to sneak some out of the pile between customers at the cash register.

i seriously have a problem about not being able to leave the store without findingsomething. today i got a denim skirt, a piece of fabric and 3 new M.A.C brushes for only $3 each! and plus 30% off. they are $32 each usually. crazy what people donate. im now working 3 days a week. im going to have to find another job to pay for all this stuff im buying! eek.

photo of me taken by my mother on recent hike. i made that hat! ive also been obsessed with this hat crochet hook loom thing i bought. im cranking out hats at least once a day.

some wildflowers i picked on hike.

i went to daiso and spent too much money on useless things like food shaped erasers. although i did get some useful plastic storage containers and a little plastic aquarium for my tadpoles for when they turn into frogs. two of them already have legs!

x your fingers, im taking the wpa test for school this weekend. four years without an english class and hopefully no more after this exam! and hopefully i'll still be in school!