spring is almost here

so as of recently i've been volunteering at a thrift store twice a week. which means...i get to sort everything before it goes out! i also get 25% off. last saturday i sorted the clothes and picked what went out. today i worked marking down all the stuff that went to clearance. i'll be posting all my finds since i can't ever leave without buying something. today i got a big glass jar to use as a terrarium, a white candy dish, a rose ring holder and a set of bird and flower cards.

big jar

some other jars i found at home

view from above

side view

ring holder



tomorrow i go to my pmc silver clay class and ive already got tons of ideas for mushroom rings and little hollow pyramid necklaces! yesterday i went to gem store and got a bunch of pyrite to make earrings out of and a quartz pyramid! and this weekend i made the cupcakes for a little girls birthday. half strawberry half chocolate.

yum. i decorated these a little more kid friendly than my dad's

my ranunculus is blooming nicely!