i finally found some moss for my terrerium. you would think it would be a little easier to find in one's own backyard no? apparently not in mine. i took a little hike with my little cousin, brought some trail mix, blackberries and caught some tadpoles. i also found some moss and some plants to use in the terrerium. oh, and we saw a turtle!



2 terreriums together

amanita muscaria (fake!)

i read my tarot before going to the dr today and my future card was 'the sun'

"the sun spreads its radience through any reading. it outshines the surrounding cards. the seeker is destined to reach her goals. approach with a singularity of purpose. attaintment is near. no obstacle will prove to be too great. this is a card of faith- believe! any doubt will be routed from hiding. once in the light of day it will fade away. express the self, individuality and independence but do not lose connection to the source or those of kindred spirit"