medicine wheel

today i decorated the wand i collected on my hike. i'm not sure what kind of tree its from but the living portion next to what i collected was growing little red buds. anyhow, i used little agate pebbles i collected from agate beach, humboldt, ca. along the side. also there is a agate slice, green agate and rose quartz hanging from the tip. at the top there is an amethyst tip quartz. the handle is made from strips of leather.

cat paw!

quartz wrapped in hemp


i also made a dress using a vintage pattern i bought at scrap sf. i made size medium thinking it would fit but it was too big for me so i'm now selling it on etsy.

zig zags

fake flowers

i went to ikea for the first time ever which was actually quite a thrill. i got that little mini drawer box and painted it white and added cupcake lining.

this weekend was my dad's birthday and i made him some vegan cupcakes which was somewhat of an experiment. i made half strawberry half chocolate. one of my aunts friends wants me to make 50 for her son's birthday and will pay me. so i guess they tasted pretty good.

i also found a chair and mirror at an estate sale i'll post pics when i get a chance.