having time off from school and having no real job has given me a lot of time to start a lot of new projects. i finally got aquarian soul up on etsy. aquariansouldesigns.etsy.com . i've been going to estate sales, thrift stores almost daily. i've found lots of vintage lingerie, linens and cute little hankies.

after weeks on end of working on the floor i've finally organized all my painting supplies on one desk and all my jewelry making stuff on another desk. pictures will be put up when i finish. i painted my room but have failed to paint the closet or heating vent which is still bright obnoxious turquoise.

im thinking about getting a lamp similar to this.
or making my own. ive seen a lot of crystal shabby chic lamps
that i am very interested in.

i am also lacking a headboard which makes my bed look like a big tofu
square so im thinking about this for the bed. its velvet!

i've been looking for used library catalog stands to store all my craft supplies. but alas everything ive found has been way out of my price range. i thought maybe an apothocary table until i found this little gem on ikea which i plan on painting white or staining dark to match my furniture.

i have possible job at yogurt shop, dolce freddo
closed :-( near my house which i can bike to.
thats another thing, ive finally had a chance to work on my bikes, i have 3 now. the one i got
from my friend jason is shiny and new perfectly
working order classic schwinn and to think it was just sitting on the side of the road in san francisco!

with hardly any income coming in, ive been a bad girl. i bought this on my credit card. but im going to profit no worries. ive started my series of watercolor, pen and ink series of mushrooms.
i went to the library today to get some decorating tips and botany books and ended up with a red face and a stack of books higher than my head. did i really need two andy goldsworthy books?
pictures of all room updates as well as bikes when everything is complete, im still waiting for some things in the mail!