today i went on a search for some white bed linens and duvet cover and ended up with a bunch of bargins instead. i got this great tree branch lamp for only $20 and that cute little rose tin from trader joes for only $2!

and these great little mini cups to store all my markers and misc. for $1

I also got a french connection grey and yellow beaded dress i figure i'll wear to my cousins wedding in vegas. $288 for only $39


then as i casually glanced at the clearance rack i found a $225 pair of theory brown trousers for only $7! they're velvety soft.

(terrible photograph)

and for only $1 each i got this lovely black skirt with velvet roses, size 12 i think its childrens size, they always have the most adorable clothes anyway! and also these two pairs of wing toe dress shoes femme version.

and lastly i got a much needed shabby chic mirror and two frames for all my new watercolors!

what i have so far in the mushroom series, i need a lot of practice! watercolors are a lot different than acrylics. the purple one turned out a little runny.

my pink bike chain arrived in the mail today i am excited to finally get this bike finished once i get someone to correctly screw the crankset on at bike shop. damn specialized tools. then all i need is a new seat then bam im ready for action.