estate sale

I love waking up early. Sipping a hot cup of coffee; flipping through the pages of vegenomicon, planing the weeks' many delicious meals. But what could be better than weekend estate sales? Thrifting? pft. Garage sales, yeah right. After pondering whether making the trek was worth it or not, we headed out, taking two buses across town. What a goldmine. The deceased party had a hot pink room, full of vintage 50's and 60's dresses, shoes, fabric, patterns etc. The house was complete with a leopard print bar in the garage. What a dream home. We rummaged for about an hour and made out like bandits. $30 for more than we could even carry.

Some of the gems we found: brand new pair of gold sneakers, denim sneakers, vintage brown heels, vintage fabric and dress patterns, pink vinyl purse, polka dot glass jewelry dish with gold trim, red portable tape recorder/player, mushroom print kitchen towels, lime green short coat with leopard collar, vintge sewing book, pink sewing caboodle full of brand new notions, needles, thread, pink circle rug, hot pink toilet cover, gold mirror tray, gold shelf, shabby chic picture frames, spring green curtains with cream pom poms and a pink rose print towel I plucked from the window that was being used as curtain. I'm going back tommrow to get the toilet seat cover, it just isn't complete without it.