Vegan Chicago Hot Dogs

     I love recreating recipes and adapting them to a vegan/vegetarian diet. This could not be easier. Its just a hot dog. The best hot dog ever. I like to pan fry the hot dog as vegan hot dogs have a kind of....interesting texture. If you do it right its nice and crispy. Hot dogs always kind of freaked me out, vegan or not, so frying them instead of boiling them makes them more palatable. Im not making this sound good am I? Well at least these hot dogs are less scary than real ones! These are my absolute favorite hot dogs and even meat eaters love them.


vegan hot dogs

hot dog buns (poppy seed buns if you can find them)


dill pickle spears

pickle relish ( I like dill relish also instead of sweet but I have a penchant for sour everything)

sport peppers

diced tomato

celery salt

poppy seeds (optional)

    By this point after reading the ingredients you might be thinking what the heck are sport peppers? They don't even look real. Electric yellow and perfectly shaped these peppers are kind of mysterious. If you go asking for sport peppers at the grocery store you might not find them. My jar of peppers just says "hot peppers". If you live near In n Out you might recognize these babies as the hot peppers they give you in those little plastic cups. When I first made these years ago I had to go to a few stores to find them. As for the celery salt, its not absolutely necessary as it can be crazy expensive, but I happened to find it at a discount store for $1 when it was $10-12 at the market. What is celery salt anyway? And the poppy seeds are also optional. Traditionally poppy seed buns are used but since I can never find any I just sprinkle some poppy seeds right on top. It adds a little something extra to the hot dog. 

    Let me know if you try making these!