Mountain Foraging

     I am lucky enough to live in a place where I can drive to the ocean, the mountains, the desert, and even another country all under an hour. It is a unique experience to be able to be in the mountains but its half desert half chaparral, forest environment. All these photos were taken up in the mountains but a lot of them have sandy floors with a mixture of cactus, sage and wildflowers. 

      We originally came out to look for land for our future white sage farm, and to scope out this years sage crop but ended up finding , tons of sagebrush, cedar, and some beautiful grape soda lupines. We found these totally at random, and if you have never smelled this variety of lupine, you are in for a serious treat. One of the best smells of my life! Every season we like to take a drive out to the mountains to survey the white sage plants. We observe and take notes on how they are growing, also dependent on how much rain we had the past year, when they flower etc. We also took a ton of footage for our white sage educational film we are working on. It will cover topics on conservation, how to process the seeds, how to get them to germinate, cloning sage etc. While there is a few good resources on white sage, it really isn't widely available. White sage grows in such a small region of the country, we want to compile as much information and experience we have with working with it for so long into one film. I love making videos, and this is a project we are really excited about! I will definitely be announcing more information once we are closer to completion!