Orange Blossom Season

Its that magical time of year again, when the green leaves start growing back on the trees and the orange blossoms began to open. A few days ago while walking in our garden I noticed the orange buds had appeared and I have been patiently waiting for them to open, waiting for that insanely beautiful smell to start wafting through the gardenI This year I set up several nets to catch the falling blossoms(I can't waste any of these precious blooms). Soon enough almost instantly it seemed over night the blossoms opened and the bees came in droves. If only i had a hive I could be making sage-orange blossom-lavender honey! Wouldn't that be a delicious combo!

Every year, except last year I have made a limited edition offering of neroli (aka orange blossom) hydrosol. This year I knew I wanted to make some more. For some reason last year our orange trees did not have many flowers, but this year they are making up for it tenfold. The scent is unbelievable. I cant imagine what it must be like in orange groves this time of year! I dream of running through the groves with the blossoms falling like snow. (they really do fall all day like snow onto the ground!) I try to catch as much as I can and make it right away so the blossoms are still fresh. But this year I have a little something different in mind…. I will still be making the hydrosol but maybe something extra special and extra limited as well?….