California Snow

    I'm not a big fan of christmas. I know, Im odd, but I do love winter. But living in southern CA, the holidays don't really feel very special when its warm and sunny outside. It reminds me of when they went to Florida on home alone when they said they can decorate a palm tree. The weather here can be unpredictable during the winter and it can be chilly but its almost 99% always sunny during December. So when we had really heavy rainstorms for a few days, I knew it would be snowing up in the mountains! If you live in Southern Ca you know its almost like an amusement park when it snows. Everybody is out in the mountains. And by snow, I mean like an couple of inches or so. I know when I post photos of snow for most of the US people are rolling their eyes like ya ya it snows here all the time and its freezing! But for us its like a novelty. Snow!? Lets bring out sleds to slide down a grassy hill thats barely covered in snow. But it was so beautiful! We spent the morning with our family so we didn't head out until the evening to see the snow. I was afraid it would be dark by then, but we got there about an hour before sunset so the snow was lit up with all kinds of pinks and oranges. It was truly a magical wintery day. I even got to collect some incense cedar for smudge wands.