DIY Kokedama

    I have been admiring these japanese moss balls on pinterest and around the inter web for some time now. I love a good plant DIY. These are perfect if you are looking for a new and interesting way to display your plants. You can hang these (even upside down!) or place them in a dish and place them on a coffee table or shelf. I originally wanted to hang them, but I am admittedly a bad plant mama. I am so lazy at watering my hanging plants. I bought watering globes to try and solve this dilemma but I forget to fill them. My plants are always on the brink of death and when they are starting to perish I bring them back to life. Similarly to air plants, you can mist these daily or every few days in-between deeper waterings. Read on if you want to learn how to make these!


plants of your choosing

gardens soil

bonsai soil mix

sheet moss



Mix about 1/3 of the bonsai soil into the garden soil. 

Add water in slowly mixing until you can form a clump. It should be really moist but not soaking wet. 

Next you need to measure how much to cut the moss. I eyeballed this since I have done it a few times but a good rule is about 3x the size of the plant pot. You want enough room to have the soil plus the plant with enough room to go around it. Worry more about having too much you might need to cut some off then too little. 

Form a ball of soil big enough to hold the plant. If your dirt isn't sticking together in your hands just mound it up directly on the moss. Be sure to center it and then form a divot in the center of the ball. 

Tap or shake off all the dirt from the roots of your plant. Plants with thicker, larger roots will practically be clean of dirt when you tap them but plants with thin, small roots need a more delicate touch and lots of dirt will still cling to them. Just do your best. If it all doesn't come off no problem, you are just trying to get it to fit inside the dirt ball.


Place your plant into the hole you formed and completely seal it up. If you didn't make the ball big enough simply mound on some more dirt making sure to cover up the roots. 

Now that your ball has been formed wrap the moss around the ball. If it sticks up at all above the dirt just cut the extra off.

Wrap your ball with string. Wrap it tightly making sure no dirt can escape. Many other sites suggest you use nylon thread but it seemed very unnatural to me to use anything but cotton. I chose a thin embroidery thread because I liked the look. I am also keeping my kokedama in a bowl not hanging it so if it ends up dissolving its ok. If you plan on hanging this use a heavier cord like in the first photo, or if you so choose a nylon cord so it doesn't dissolve on you and fall. 

And you're done! To take care of these mist them everyday to keep the soil moist. I like using this brass mister I got to mist my terrariums and air plants! Let me know if you decide to try making these i would love to see how they turn out! Just tag us #aquariansoul on instagram if you make these!