Monthly Plant Update: January

So much of my job consists of driving or walking around the local mountains and walking trails to find sage or other native plants. Since we try to include native flowers and other foliage in our floral bundles (and now wedding bouquets!) its important to know what is in season each month. Its also important to keep track of the local population of specific plants and how they are doing, whether the crop from last year was more abundant etc and to curb our foraging to let the plants flourish. So we are starting this new monthly series here on the blog where we will share a few examples of what plants are in season and growing each month. Its a little late in January, actually the last day of January to be exact but we wanted to make sure this goes up every single month. Its so important to be in tune with what is growing around you, and its fun to learn about the local species! 

I think that the most important thing for me is sharing knowledge and putting the word out there about plant conservation. Since there isn't too much specific information about certain plants (like white sage), especially here in southern california (which to be honest isn't as exciting as maybe some more green parts of the country), or not everyone knows about organizations like UpS (United plant savers) not to be confused with the shipping service ha ha. I love being able to share and spread the word. We are proud members of Ups and hope to be able to one day be self sustaining especially when it comes to plants like salvia apina (aka white sage) which are not yet on the “at risk” list but is definitely a plant to be watched because of the poor harvesting practices of many greedy people who basically tear down the whole plant to take its precious leaves. We are already in the works of looking for farm land to begin our own little sage farm which is really exciting! I will definitely share more information and progress once we begin to really figure this thing out!

Now onto our January plant list!