Wedding Anniversary Dried Sage Bouquet

  We have been so happy to have you guys interested in our custom wedding bouquets. We have had several requests and this is one of the latest ones. The request was for a fall bouquet with reds, oranges and yellows. We used baby orange roses, garden yellow and red roses, and local native flowers as accents. We were able to use some of the last of the California buckwheat flowers we had stored away and some of the first of the Isocoma pluriflora (jimmy-weed). 

   As the seasons change, you will see the bouquets have different types of flowers, so for these fall orders, you will see a lot of the isocoma pluriflora which as it so happens is considered an invasive weed. Its too bad this beautiful flower has such an unattractive name! Let us know if you have any requests and we can schedule you in. We require minimum of 1 months notice for wedding orders, preferably 2-3 months so we can schedule you around our regular orders, and find the perfect flowers for you! The bouquets must dry before shipping so that requires about an extra two weeks drying time aside from the hand picking we do for the sage, flower collection and assembly. We love making these for you!