DIY Colorful Geometric Mini Planters


     I've really been going plant crazy over here, I mean I have been to the local nursery hmmm maybe 4 days in a row now. Constantly buying more lavender on sale, which means more soil, more pots, more trips to the nursery and the cycle continues. Its almost impossible for me to just go 'pick up some more bags of soil' without seeing something else I "need". Ive got the raised bed full of snap peas, kale, swiss chard, collard greens, and lots of kinds of tomatoes. The one thing I am constantly having to do in the garden is pluck the baby succulents from the mama plant and replant them. Usually I use some plastic pots that are lying around but I figured I would jump on this geometric trend and make myself some mini planters. We had a lot of clay left over from the previous DIY so this was perfect! 



Sculpey clay in white ( i used approximately 1/4 from a 1.75 lb block)

craft knife

rounded tool to hollow out the center

acryllic paint in several colors


     Roll several pieces of clay into balls. Try and make them at least 2 inches in diameter or larger. The smaller you make them, the greater the chance of cutting into the clay once you begin to facet the edges. You want the sides to be pretty plump.


   Use your tool to form a space in the center. Make it large enough to hold a small succulent clipping and some soil but don't push in too far or you will break through the bottom of the clay. Use your finger to smooth out the inside if needed. You can also smooth out any cracks or finger prints around the rim but don't worry about the rest, we will be slicing it all off!

     The best tip I can give you for this next step is let the clay rest for a few minutes. The heat from your hands has warmed the clay up so when you try and slice, the clay will most likely will just mush up. I got frustrated several times until I realized it slices through like butter when the clay is cold. 

    When your clay has cooled down, start slicing the facets. Try and make the first slice pretty large. This is the side that will rest flat on the table. You can make it directly on the bottom so it sits upright, or slightly on the side so it sits tilted. Either way it will turn out well! When cutting its easiest to hold the knife like you would a peeler slicing towards you. Continue slicing all around until you reach the rim of the planter. Slice it also varying the cuts straight across and slightly on a diagonal. When you finish bake according to your clay's directions. Sculpey is 275 fahrenheit. 


    Paint several coats at least 2 and wait for them to dry, and you are done! Now your mini planters are ready for your little succulents!