Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! Hopefully you get a chance to spend some time outdoors today. Today I spent hiking out in the mountains checking on the wild sage plants, walking barefoot and taking photos. We try to conserve our native salvia apiana plants (or more commonly, white sage) and only pick from mature plants and never take more than a few stems from each plant. "Wildcrafted" sage is often over picked, and the plant is left to die, or takes years to regrow. We are strongly committed to the conservation of this sacred plant. We take clippings and clone new plants to create our own garden full of white sage. It takes many years, minimally 3 to be able to harvest the sage so we are continually planting new cuttings so that we have a steady supply for the future. Not only for our products, but for the longevity and protection of this sacred herb. Take today to celebrate our amazing planet, plant some vegetables, work in the garden, get your hands dirty or go for a walk out in nature today!