DIY Bath Melts

     I love taking baths. This is no secret considering half the products I make revolve around bath stuff. I am also really bad at moisturizing. Especially now in winter, my skin is super dry, and I am often in a rush and forget to use a moisturizer. So this is the absolute perfect option. An ultra rich, luxurious bath melt will leave your skin so soft and you have no need to put on any lotion after your bath. It combines two very simple, all natural ingredients and its makes for a great gift, even for yourself! I keep a glass jar of these by my tub when I want to have a steaming hot bath during these cold winter months.


Cocoa Butter

Coconut Oil

Rose petals, Rose Buds, lavender or any dried herb of your choice

Essential Oil of your choice (I suggest lavender, geranium rose or peppermint)

Ice cube trays (silicone works best)

    As you probably noticed, there are no specific measurements in the ingredients list. This is because A, its more of a ratio 1:1 of the two main ingredients, and B, it depends on the size of your ice cube trays. Mine were small hearts which are about 1 oz each so the amount I need will be different than you might need if your trays are larger. Big cube trays looks really nice also! 

    To start your bath melts, add approximately 1/2 a cup of coconut oil, and slightly less cocoa butter, but still around 1/2 a cup into a small glass measuring cup. Place the measuring cup into a small pot of water. Bring the heat up on the stove to a slow boil. Allow the butters to completely melt. At this point add in your essential oils. Count out about 2 drops per cube. Stir well and pour into molds. Sprinkle your rose petals, rose buds or whatever you are using on top. Let them sit for a few hours and allow them to cool down and solidify. If you are impatient (which I was) pop them into the freezer for about 15 min. Push the melts out of the mold and place them in a glass jar. 

    When you are ready to take a bath, just pop one into the bath, let it melt and enjoy!