Handmade Holidays: Home Goods

  1. Marble & Milkweed TEA SAMPLER / Choose from 4 samples of their amazing blend of teas. We opted for all their modern chai and the fluers & cacao, all delicious. You get enough of each sample to make one big mug of tea. Just add milk and enjoy!


  1. PF Candle REED DIFFUSER / Amber and Moss is one of our all-time favorite scents. This reed diffuser lasts months and is perfect for when you don't want to light a candle. It made our studio smell so amazing we got endless compliments. We also recommend mojave and campfire!


  1. Facture Goods MUDDLER / Available in cherry and walnut woods. This particular muddler is inlaid with brass and is the perfect size to muddle all your favorite drinks. Also check our Aron's coffee scoops and Sidney gemstone shaped ornaments, all great for gifts! 


  1. Good 4 You Herbals CONE INCENSE / One of our favorite incenses of all time. These are constantly burning in the studio. We can't recommend a favorite smell because they are all amazing but if we had to, wild rose, chamomile and orange peel are amazing! 


  1. Katie Rose Pipkin CRYSTAL PORTRAITS / A 24 card deck of illustrations of crystals and minerals. This is like a fun informational book in card form. I like to place one of the cards on my altar along with my crystals, when I am trying to focus on a specific crystal. 


  1. Martina Thornhill EYE POUR OVER SET / If you haven't seen this mug floating around the inter web where have you been? I love this set. This is perfect for early mornings coffee for one. It makes this daily ritual a little more special.


  1.  Magic Hour LOVE CANDLE / A ritual candle infused with flowers and crystals. This love candle is infused with wild rose rose petals, calla lily essence, damiana tincture, rose essence and has a rose quartz crystal inside! Could it get any better? They also have a wide selection of other candles.