Artist Interview: Jes of Good4uHerbals

Hi Jes! I have been following you on etsy for many years now and I am so glad we connected recently! You have always been super inspiring with your hand drawn labels and hand picked flowers and herbs. What inspired you to start your brand?

Yo, you are so cool for being one of my spirit guides silently sending love rays along the way ... my adventure all happened really magically . I was able to have access to this medicinal herb green house at a college . I went in there alone a lot . This was an extremely special time for me . Like a transmitter radio, I started picking up the language of plants . It is a language of the heart . Perhaps I have been put in a trance ever since, but I feel a duty to bring the voices of the plants to the people . Everyone can listen if open . Interaction with plants and animals is part of our human rite . In this day in age I feel an overall struggle for staying connected to this essential part of our existence . With this initial dance of the plant world, I started blending teas for a underground coffee house I ran for two years . Here I was able to experience the amazing positivity that came from reawakening people's connection to the plant world . But maybe I was just experiencing my awakening in every person I was lucky to meet .



I seriously love that you pick all your own herbs. What are some of the local flowers and herbs near you that you use in your products?

For the sacred flowers : rosa rugosa . elder flowers . red clover blossoms . purple loosestrife . queen annes lace - these I make all into hydrosol / toners . With the herbals, all nourishment based : nettles . violet leaves . dandelion leaves . ground ivy . horsetail leaf . sweet fern . chickweed - I love offering these for DIY herbal projects . I try to encourage everyone to learn about herbs / plant medicine on their own . Roots : burdock . yellow dock . dandelion root - sacred healing triad . To gather roots is very special, it took me years to actually work myself up to this point because I try never to take an entire plant . These are the only roots I gather because they are in great abundance where i live . I am so lucky to be able to do this . I have great respect for the land .

Which out of these is your favorite? I know I always loved all your rose based products and was secretly jealous that you lived somewhere that has beach roses! 

Beach roses are my ultimate favorite . They inspire everything for me . The color, the smell, the many uses of them I have yet to discover . I find them super friendly too . Where some plants are not the best for everyone, roses, simply looking or smelling one, can create smiles worldwide . They are a universal ambassador for beauty on planet earth . With every plant I collect I have a mission to honor their use in the purest most elevated form for the 21st century . I have a castle of herbs in my mind that I continually work to create the most perfect possible creations I can make to translate their love for use and our love for them . Yarrow, elderflower, purple loosestrife, horsetail leaf, nettles, mint and a few more are part of this castle . My greatest plant friends .

I just watched a video you posted on your website, and I love it! I love that you don’t fit that stereotypical mold for what herbalists look like. I felt somewhat out of the norm as well favoring clear platforms, holographic anything and , what my friend calls "getting dressed in the dark aquarius outfits". I always felt that connection between self expression and herbalism also. I love the pom poms and platforms, its all just based on intuition really. Do you feel that way?

First off, I love your style + feel it's why you are so unique + I was drawn to link up with you in the first place !! For the longest time I was just searching for myself, trying out different molds . But I realized all along that I knew myself from the very beginning ! I think a relationship with plants is part of our existence and perhaps shouldn't be classified . I see a lot of the youth exploring the herbal world, it's teachers, then feeling stuck there for a bit . Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student for life . Like a seed, I became to big for my pot . I wanted to make this work seem more universal . I try to not even use the world herbalism or herbal medicine anymore, but plants, plant medicine . I like to refer to my self as purely an artist (that's who I am) or a plantist . I also spend time making music for my up + coming project orangepeelmystic . I made my first album this past summer all inspired by my garden . It's ambient + experimental . I hope this this invites even more people into the plant world ! I admire you for being you and carrying out this work !

Was the creation process behind a lot of your products done by instinct or was there a lot of studying behind each herb and plant you use? I feel like a lot of emphasis is placed on knowing plants by studying but I like to think we have an inherent connection to plants and that a lot is done by connecting with them and experimenting. Is this part of your process or would you say its a balance of both?

Your insight is so amazing + I totally agree with you . After studying, intutition becomes natural, and I believe this is the language / deep connection humans have with plants . But, studying from many different sources on plant medicine at first is super key . One has really really know a plant before using it themselves . I think cross referencing is so important ! There is also so much to learn, so I always recommend to others to sort of follow their hearts / niche / interest in a specific area and see where that goes . I am self educated through piles upon piles of herb books that I bought or was given and I also use to go to the library a lot too ! Over the years I started developing my own personal library in my head supplemented with loads upon loads of personal notes . I also took tons of walks, attended local herb conferences and met with experienced 'plant workers' . It took me years to gain confidence in knowing what I was doing enough to start creating plant treats for the world . I started with very friendly healing plants in the gigantic kingdom, like peppermint / ginger / lavender and using them to blend my own herbal teas . This was an adventure I went on for the longest time . I had my own tea line ! But I evolved or returned to my true self purely as an artist . I started seeing plants in pure color auras . I also wanted bring out my feminine side . And I can't express how happy I am right now creating all natural paint for the face ! Haha ! I feel like plant makeup is paint, like a way of expressing one's beauty almost through a 21st century reawakening of plant dyes from the ancient times !

All of your plant makeup is amazing! I am working on a few flower based makeup products and you have really been an inspiration in the process. Your products are almost like staining your lips and cheeks with magical berry juice for color and I love it! What is your favorite balm that you make? 

My favorite is all of them . The rainbow ! I am especially excited for introducing lip stains made with berries I foraged last summer ! 

If you could choose any plant that best represents your brand what would it be? If you could choose any plant that best represents yourself what would it be?

Beach Rose, I am a Beach Rose ! 

Are there any new products or ideas you have for the new year that we have to look forward to?

Totally, I have a huge list, but it's a secret ! 

Thank you so much for doing this interview. It has really been a pleasure getting to know a little more about your products and your inspiration behind everything!