Crochet Fingerless Gloves

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I will be the first to admit that I am no expert. I have no idea how to follow crochet patterns and I know a total of two whole stitches. (is that even what they are called? stitches?) Oh and that's another thing, I crochet. Knitting seems to be more popular form of weaving together yarn. I never really got into knitting even though I know how to a little bit. I just feel more comfortable with crochet. I can relate it to the way I play guitar. The first song I ever learned to play was Nirvana's Come as You Are. I learned it slightly wrong and even though I have since then learned it the right way I cant seem to remember the correct form. Even though I have looked up different ways to crochet I always go back to the one stitch my mom taught me. I use it for everything. I recently discovered that this was called 'the double crochet' .

I scoured through pages and pages of free patterns online and the only pattern for fingerless gloves I liked I was for knitting. I hoped that they would have an alternative pattern for crochet-ers but alas there was not. No other crochet pattern was what I was looking for. They were too ornate, home made looking or just downright ugly. So I decided to just wing it and make it up as I went along sans pattern. And, I think it turned out pretty good. I used my trusty double crochet stitch, and a new one I learned, the half double crochet. That's it. Just two easy stitches.


I used one of my favorite yarns, Noro. This is a Japanese brand wool yarn. It comes in all kinds of delicious colors. Its so hard to decide which one to buy because they are all so beautiful. I happened to get mine while I was fabric shopping in LA but they have it at pretty much any specialty yarn store. Mine happens to be #319 if you want to use the same colors. It shifts from a bright lime green, to an aqua blue, then orchid, to deep purple, a shocking orange red and then fades into a soft pale pink. The gloves will not be matching as I used one skein to complete both but you can buy two if you want them to match and start each one off with the same color.

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1 skein of Noro wool yarn

#7 crochet hook

apx 1.5 hours of your time


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DC = double crochet,  1/2DC= half double crochet , CS= chain stitch


Start of by doing a chain of 26. I just measured around my mid arm to see where it was going to fit. I made it slightly loose but keeping it fairly tight maybe enough so a finger could fit under comfortably. Then begin to double crochet a row of 26, and continue to DC for 9 rows. Then do 3 rows of 1/2DC. Now we are at the thumb section. All I did to make the hole for the thumb was to continue with the 1/2DC on the 12th row, and about halfway around I began to CS 9 chains. From where you stopped on the 12th row, skip over 7, 1/2DC and attach the chain stitch with a connecting loop. It should now look like a straight tube with a thin hoop on one side, creating the beginning of the thumb hole. Continue to 1/2DC as before for 7 more rows. In total you will have 9 rows of DC and 9 of 1/2DC. 

In about an hour and a half you should have a pair of colorful, cozy fingerless gloves! Hopefully these directions were not too confusing as I am not at all familiar with crochet-lingo. I just made this up as best as I could. Have fun with this vibrant yarn and I would love to see what you come up with!

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