Holidays & Transitions

I hope you guys all had an amazing Christmas and holiday season! I spent some time with two of my best friends (one who's my first best friend ever). We made an amazing gingerbread house, and lots and LOTS of cookies. I also made some more of that chocolate I made last week and a delicious raw apple pie! I spent Christmas day with my family opening gifts and enjoying each others company. My mom makes tamales every year which I cant really eat so I made a huge arugula salad which everyone devoured.

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I got a lot of nice gifts including a few perfumes I have been wanting for awhile. I am not much of a girl but I do love perfume. Its the one luxury I usually dont splurge on myself so its usually at Christmas or my birthday that I re stock. My best friend Lauren got me the Kinfolk cookbook which I had been wanting since it came out! Even my little cat received some gifts from Lauren and my boyfriend and I gave her a strawberry plush cat house.


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For the new year I plan on being in Joshua Tree or Anza Borrego. I am planing on either renting a vintage travel trailer or going camping. There are lots of nice hot springs here in southern CA and there is a spot we went to a few years ago that we might go to again. Do you guys have any exciting new years plans?

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As many of you might have noticed I am moving away from more personal posts to a strictly DIY and food related posts. When I thought of my ideal blog years ago it was going to be more DIY focused. I have a lot of ideas, projects and creative stuff I am always coming up with so I would rather share them with you guys, and provide something other than just talking about my life. Sure there will be the occasional fashion, home decorating, or life update post, but this blog will mainly be centered around creative projects and of course behind the scenes of my jewelry making and earth oils. I have been also trying to stay away from reading other blogs or being on the internet too much. While it can be an invaluable resource I need time to do my own thing and not be influenced in any way by anyone else. So thank you if you have enjoyed this transition, and have stayed with me along my journey. I hope to keep coming up with new recipes, projects and ideas in 2014, and I am glad to have met so many new friends along the way. If I dont post again before then, I hope everyone has an amazing new year and I look forward to whats to come next year!

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